Ryan Chatfield is the dynamic force behind Commotion Media, embodying the quintessence of digital creativity. With a vast skill set that encompasses video production, drone piloting, photography, marketing, and beyond, Ryan is not just a content creator but a versatile artist of the digital age. His belief that creativity knows no limits fuels his passion for mastering new mediums and techniques, ensuring that every project—be it behind the camera, in the editing suite, or at the helm of a creative brainstorm—is infused with innovation and aims to captivate and inspire.

Behind the lens

The thinking behind commotion media

Ryan’s storytelling prowess is evident across various platforms, from online to television to branded content, showcasing his adaptability and keen understanding of different audiences and formats. His illustrious career features collaborations with prestigious brands like Netflix, BBC, Discovery Channel, Rolex, and Disney Plus, highlighting his proficiency in managing high-profile projects with precision and flair.

An adept drone pilot, Ryan brings a unique perspective to his work, seizing the skies to capture breathtaking aerial visuals that add a new dimension to his narratives. His sharp eye for branding and design translates into content that’s not only visually striking but also resonates deeply with viewers. Driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for collaborative success, Ryan Chatfield’s Commotion Media is where ideas take flight, and visions become reality. If you’re seeking a creative partner who consistently exceeds expectations, Ryan’s portfolio speaks volumes of his ability to craft compelling stories that align with his clients’ goals and ethos.

Behind the lens

The thinking behind commotion media

Hey! Im Ryan

More about me

I’m a versatile digital content creator with a passion for video production, drone piloting, photography, marketing, social media management, creative strategy, creative direction, branding, and design.

I believe that creativity has no boundaries, and I enjoy exploring different mediums and pushing myself to learn and develop new skills. Whether I’m behind the camera, in the editing suite, or brainstorming a new concept, I always strive to deliver exceptional results that captivate and inspire my audience.

My experience in creating video content spans various formats, including online, TV, and branded content. I’m equally comfortable working on projects from start to finish, overseeing every aspect of the production process, or collaborating with a team to bring a vision to life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands and organisations throughout my career. I’m proud to have been commissioned by leading names such as Netflix, BBC, Discovery Channel, Rolex, and Disney Plus, among others.

These experiences have taught me a lot about working with high-profile clients and managing large-scale projects with tight deadlines and budgets. They’ve also allowed me to develop a diverse portfolio of work that showcases my ability to adapt to different styles, audiences, and platforms.

Whether I’m working on a commercial, a documentary, or a branded content piece, my goal is always to exceed my clients’ expectations and deliver results that align with their goals and values.

As a drone pilot, I enjoy exploring new perspectives and capturing stunning aerial footage that adds depth and dimension to my work. I also have an eye for detail and a knack for branding and design, which enables me to create visually compelling content that resonates with audiences.

Above all, I thrive in dynamic environments where creativity and innovation are valued, and where teamwork is essential to success. If you’re looking for a passionate content creator with a drive for excellence, or if you’re interested in learning more about my work with these brands or exploring ways to collaborate on new projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always eager to connect with fellow professionals and explore new opportunities.


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