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Post Production Services by Commotion Media

Behind the raw captures and candid shots, lies the potential for a visual symphony.

At Commotion Media, we don’t just see this potential – we actualise it. If your quest for unmatched post-production services in Perth led you here, trust that serendipity knows best. Our expertise bridges intuitive artistry with precise technical know-how, ensuring each project emerges as a polished gem.

Digital Journey

Why Entrust Commotion Media with Your Post Production?

State-of-the-Art Tools

Utilising the latest in post-production software and techniques, we guarantee results that not only meet but often surpass expectations.

Tailored Solutions

We acknowledge the distinct essence of each project. Our post-production services in Perth are crafted to align with your vision, ensuring an outcome that resonates.

Local Nuance, Global Standards

Deeply attuned to Perth's unique vibrancy, our post-production team also infuses global best practices, ensuring outputs that are universally compelling.

The Tools We Use

At Commotion Media, we use a selection of industry-leading software to provide the highest quality service.


An Insight into Our Post Production Suite

At Commotion Media, we don’t just see this potential – we actualise it.

Video Editing

From narrative-driven corporate films to vibrant marketing adverts, we sculpt, refine, and deliver visuals that tell a story.

Colour Grading

Enhancing tones, setting moods, and creating atmospheres that align with your brand’s voice and project’s theme.

Sound Design & Mixing

Crafting auditory landscapes that complement the visual, ensuring a harmonious blend of sight and sound.

Visual Effects

Adding depth, flair, and dynamism to your projects, making them stand out in a saturated digital space.

Photo Retouching

Perfecting imperfections, enhancing details, and ensuring every image is print and digital ready.

Format Conversions

Adapting your media to various formats, ensuring compatibility and optimal viewing across all platforms.

The Commotion Media Difference

In the vast landscape of post-production services in Perth, what sets us apart?

It’s our unyielding dedication, our intimate understanding of client aspirations, and our relentless pursuit of perfection in the digital arts.

Our Work

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At Commotion Media, we don’t just see this potential – we actualise it.

Set to Elevate Your Media Assets?

Dive into the transformative world of Commotion Media’s post-production. Together, let’s elevate raw materials to visual and auditory epics that captivate, convey, and convince. For those seeking a post-production haven in Perth that meticulously addresses every detail, you’re precisely where you need to be.

Connect with Us Today, and let’s commence the journey of metamorphosing your raw content into digital artistry.